To add some Chinese flavor for your wedding

Wedding flavors really are a personalized way to possess a little keepsake of the special day. And today Chinese flavors for weddings come as one of the trends for weddings. Steeped in tradition, Chinese weddings feature bright red shades towards the fullest. From wedding mementos, invitations to wedding dresses , red colorization always pops out. Red, in Chinese Culture, is festive and pleasing to eyes. For that happiest occasion, red shades are sure to be considered the first choice by Chinese. From wedding mementos, invitations, to dresses, red is visible for certain.Chinese Wedding gowns can definitely be masterpieces when it comes to both the fabrics and embroideries.


The standard bridal gowns are Qi Pao, which is an one-piece frock, similar to a sheath. Red Qi Pao with refined Phoenix embroideries, that tightly hugs the curvy body, looks really beautiful. Actually until today Qi Pao can also be considered as a work of art to exhibit off the perfect proportion of body. In Southern China, brides dons a two-piece, known Cheongsam. This red bridal Cheongsam are adorned elaborately by golden dragon and phoenix.Red shades adorned with some golden dragon or phoenix in Chinese tradition are thought to herald good luck and protection from evil spirits. Traditionally dragon and phoenix prom dresses   designs also symbolize the total amount of male and female power.


To add some Chinese flavor for your wedding, red colorization in addition to gold dragon or phoenix elements can be never the better choice!To accomplish an over-all look, a red veil piece is traditionally the part of the bride' s outfit for covering her face within the ceremony procession. Usually made from precious silk fabrics, Chinese Bridesmaid Dresses will be the prominent features there will be nothing can match the passion and charm of red Chinese wedding gowns within the marriage ceremony.


Traditionally, china Culture value family ties a lot. There is a stating that "It is natural to obtain married whenever you grow up." in Chinese society. Chinese people place special increased exposure of marriage and have many traditions associated with it. Red is an important color in China, it is therefore obvious that it'll play a big role in such a significant ceremony.

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